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Previewing at Traffex Seeing is Believing 2018 will be the new AGD 343 Highways Monitoring Radar accompanied by the proven AGD 318 Traffic Control Radar and the the larger AGD 645 Pedestrian Control Detector

AGD 343 Highways Monitoring Radar

An easy-to-integrate traffic flow monitoring solution that provides real-time data on multi-lane highways.

Enforcement-grade radar provides all-weather speed, range and length of vehicles plus detailed traffic information: ‘is traffic free-moving, slowing or starting-to-queue?’ to allow instant decision making. Designed for traffic profiling and incident detection, the 343 dramatically enhances highway safety, capability and efficiency.

AGD products feature fast, easy implementation and configuration – using the AGD Touch-setup suite of tools, and benefit users with low installation and through-life costs.

  • Flow monitoring solution for multi-lane real-time data
  • Traffic Profiling and Incident Detection
  • Ten lane highway capability
  • Enforcement grade radar & techniques
  • Identifies, tracks & measures speed, length, lane/direction of individual targets
  • Multi-level incident detection mode
  • Non-intrusive loop replacement
  • Mounts on existing infrastructure
  • Simple to install, setup and configure using AGD Align

The proven AGD 318 Traffic Control radar

  • Accurate Virtual-loop Technology
  • Approach & Recede Detection
  • MOVA Compatible In & X
  • Non-intrusive Loop Replacement
  • Low Install & Maintain Costs
  • Simple Bluetooth AGD Touch-setup

The large zone AGD 645 Pedestrian Detector

  • Larger 10m x 3m zone
  • IP and Real-time video capable
  • Simple WiFi AGD Touch-setup
  • High Definition 3D Stereo Optics
  • Advanced shadow & clutter rejection
  • Simple WiFi AGD Touch-setup