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Previewing at JCT Symposium and Exhibition 2018 this September will be the upgraded AGD 318 Traffic Control Radar and the larger-zone AGD 645 Pedestrian Detector with pedestrian volumetrics. AGD will also introduce its new AGD 343 Highways Monitoring Radar.

AGD bring revolutionary capabilities to the smart city: optical pedestrian Volumetrics and radar-based Stationary & Queuing vehicle detection. Volumetrics – introduced on the large zone 645 Pedestrian Detector, provide wait area percentage occupancy data directly to control rooms using IP, permitting real-time dynamic decision making. AGD Stationary – new to the 318 Traffic Control Radar, means accurate virtual-loops may replace expensive loops & magnetometers in single lane approaches to crossings & junctions.

  • Volumetrics – wait area occupancy data
  • IP empowers dynamic decision making
  • Large super-crossing 10 x 3m zone
  • Stationary – Queuing vehicle detection
  • Complete solution for MOVA schemes
  • Virtual-loops replace in-ground detection

Volumetrics enhanced AGD 645 Pedestrian Detector

The AGD 645 Pedestrian Detector is a smart, optical, dynamic environment detector that makes crossings safer and more efficient by delivering robust Volumetrics Data within large 10m x 3m zones. Multiple units integrate to cover ‘super-crossings’.

  • 10m x 3m zone – save on infrastructure costs
  • Volumetrics – dynamic data for high efficiency
  • IP and Real-time video – instant information for improved safety
  • AGD 3D HD stereo-vision – down to min 15 lux
  • WiFi AGD Touch-setup – speeds installation & reduces risk
  • Quick-mask tool – easy zone selection

Stationary Detecting AGD 318 Traffic Control Radar

The AGD 318 is a cost-effective solution that’s easy to deploy, setup and maintain. It’s a single-lane multi-loop-replacement radar with stationary & queuing traffic detection and ideal for pedestrian crossing & junction approaches – the complete detection solution for MOVA.

  • Stationary and Queuing Traffic Detectio
  • Approach and Recede Detection
  • MOVA Compatible In and X
  • Accurate Virtual-loop Technology
  • Low Install & Maintain Costs
  • Simple WiFi AGD Touch-setup

AGD 343 Highways Monitoring Radar

An easy-to-integrate traffic flow monitoring solution that provides real-time data on multi-lane highways.

Enforcement-grade radar provides all-weather speed, range and length of vehicles plus detailed traffic information: ‘is traffic free-moving, slowing or starting to queue?’ to allow instant decision-making. Designed for traffic profiling and incident detection, the 343 dramatically enhances highway safety, capability and efficiency.

AGD products feature fast, easy implementation and configuration using the AGD Touch-setup suite of tools, and benefit users with low installation and through-life costs.

  • Flow monitoring solution for multi-lane real-time data
  • Traffic profiling and incident detection
  • Ten lane highway capability
  • Enforcement grade radar and techniques
  • Identifies, tracks and measures speed, length, lane/direction of individual targets
  • Multi-level incident detection mode
  • Non-intrusive loop replacement
  • Mounts on existing infrastructure
  • Simple to install, set up and configure using AGD Align