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Featuring at Intertraffic 2018 will be the proven AGD 318 Traffic Control radar and the large zone AGD 645 Pedestrian Detector.

The flexible 318 radar’s non-intrusive, highly accurate virtual loop technology is unique in providing complex customer solutions in a wide range of applications, from bus priority and speed discrimination to MOVA installations, while the 645 with its large-zone capability and flexible set-up is fast becoming the go-to pedestrian detection solution for crossings of all sizes, including the new super-crossings.

Both products benefit from fast, easy implementation and set-up, together with low installation and through-life costs.

The proven AGD 318 Traffic Control radar

  • Accurate Virtual-loop Technology
  • Approach & Recede Detection
  • MOVA Compatible In & X
  • Non-intrusive Loop Replacement
  • Low Install & Maintain Costs
  • Simple Bluetooth AGD Touch-setup

The large zone AGD 645 Pedestrian Detector

  • Larger 10m x 3m zone
  • IP and Real-time video capable
  • Simple WiFi AGD Touch-setup
  • High Definition 3D Stereo Optics
  • Advanced shadow & clutter rejection
  • Simple WiFi AGD Touch-setup