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343 Highways Monitoring Radar

The AGD 343 Highways Monitoring Radar is an easy-to-integrate traffic flow monitoring solution that provides real-time data on multi-lane highways. Designed for traffic profiling and incident detection, the 343 dramatically enhances highways safety, capability and efficiency.

AGD’s 343 employs proven enforcement-grade radar & measurement techniques to quantify speed, range and length of passing vehicles. Detailed traffic information – such as, ‘is traffic free-moving, slowing or starting-to-queue?’ – is available in all weather conditions to inform control rooms and allow instant decision making.

AGD radar can replace intrusive high-maintenance loops, mounting on existing roadside poles or gantries where it ‘looks’ across the road at 30 degrees. The additional capability to operate at a > 2-metre offset, while maintaining a 6-metre plus mounting height, ensures reliable operation in managed motorway scenarios and ALR (All Lanes Running) schemes. The 343 has been designed to cope with the many difficulties facing international road network installations.


  • Enforcement grade radar & techniques
  • Identifies, tracks & measures speed, length, lane/direction of individual targets
  • Multi-level incident detection mode
  • Non-intrusive loop replacement
  • Mounts on existing infrastructure
  • Simple to install, setup and configure using AGD Align


  • Flow monitoring solution for multi-lane real-time data
  • Traffic Profiling and Incident Detection
  • Ten lane highway capability