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AGD supports its sophisticated range of globally compatible ITS detection products with a comprehensive range of connectivity options. For when implementing new cabling isn’t cost-effective, or logistically possible, there are Wireless and GSM solutions, and where controller connectivity is required AGD provides its proven ITS Interface cards. Additionally, AGD’s Integration Services work with customers to ensure products communicate effectively within mixed platform environments.

  • AGD ITS Integration Services
  • Janus4 ITS GSM Data Links
  • Janus8 ITS Interface Cards

Enforcement | Highways | Traffic & Pedestrian Control | Tunnel & Track |

Radar Target Simulator

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Highways | Traffic & Pedestrian Control | Tunnel & Track |

Radar Loop Interface

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AGD products are enthusiastically deployed all around the world in both ‘smart’ systems and ‘legacy’ applications; reliably delivering safer, greener, more efficient traffic and transport environments. Clear strategic thinking,
in-house R & D and manufacturing, and a commitment to delivering premium products have allowed this. Pete Hutchinson. – Managing Director AGD Systems