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AGD combines decades of traffic & transport systems knowledge and radar expertise to satisfy the data-rich detection demands of the ITS market. A sophisticated range of easy-to-integrate, globally compatible AI imaging solutions are developed in AGD’s R & D Centre and manufactured in-house. These devices are smart, optical, dynamic environment detectors that make intersections and junctions more efficient by delivering robust vehicle detection data.

They feature in-built artificial intelligence (AI) processing all information on board. A neural processing platform and sophisticated algorithms provide automated decision-making to provide ultra-reliable detection.

  • Differentiation of target types at approaches to intersections
  • Smart City IP Capable with real-time traffic data feed
  • Simple Wifi AGD Touch-setup, fast zone creation, easy zone change

Traffic & Pedestrian Control |

Stop-Line Detector

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AGD products are enthusiastically deployed all around the world in both ‘smart’ systems and ‘legacy’ applications; reliably delivering safer, greener, more efficient traffic and transport environments. Clear strategic thinking,
in-house R & D and manufacturing, and a commitment to delivering premium products have allowed this. Pete Hutchinson. – Managing Director AGD Systems