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Case Studies

AGD 645 Pedestrian Detector

Enhanced Detection with larger pedestrian wait areas

As ‘smart’ cities work to manage congestion and necessarily become less vehicle friendly, the need to move more pedestrians safely across higher traffic densities with even more efficiency has grown. As volumes have expanded, pedestrian wait areas have needed to grow and require ever-larger detection zones…

AGD 350 Traffic Control Radar

Legacy Loop and Magnetometer Replacement

All around the world, intersection and crossing control have come to rely on the ability of loops and magnetometers for in-road detection. There are problems with these intrusive technologies however. Every installation needs a road crew to close the junction and either drill holes or cut loops into the road surface, digging trenches and laying cables…

AGD 318 Traffic Control Radar

Enhanced detection realises junction efficiencies

As highways authorities seek to prolong the life of their biggest asset, roads, the ability to realise efficiencies in traffic detection at junctions becomes ever more appealing. Traditional loop and magnetometer-based control brings many problems. From the necessary traffic management required to close each junction,…