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Read our Case Studies to see how AGD Systems deliver safer, greener and more efficient highways through our advanced radar products.

From A to B: An inclusive journey leading to a new tactile design

Sometimes minor adjustments can make a huge difference when it comes to ensuring inclusivity and safety.

AI detector trial success at two Glasgow junctions

Two junctions in a busy Scottish city have been used as trial locations for an innovative dual-zone stop-line detector from AGD Systems.

Cyclist safety and junction efficiency are priorities for Cardiff detector trial

Utilising a brand-new AGD product solution has enabled a Welsh local authority to reduce needless waits at a busy junction.

AGD 343 Case Study – Novia Scotia Trial for AGD’s 343 Highways Rader

When the Ministry of Transportation (Highways Division) in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia was seeking an effective solution to its outdated vehicle monitoring and traffic flow system, it was the team here at AGD that had the perfect offering.

AGD 343 Case Study – World Cup FIFA Corridor is ready for kick off!

When it comes to preparing for an influx of visitors, ensuring traffic stays moving while hosting one of the biggest sporting events on the globe is a tall order.

AGD 326 Case Study – A Clear Superior Detection Combination

Australia is leading the shift away from the car being king, thanks to a push to explore alternative and new technologies available under the umbrella of Intelligent Transport Systems.

AGD 343 Case Study – Life is a highway

A new partnership between AGD Systems in the UK, AGD Pty Australasia and Hyperion Technology – a leading integrator of innovative products, systems and services throughout Australia – is bringing the benefits of above-ground highways monitoring to Australia’s roads.

AGD 645 Case Study – Getting more pedestrians across the line

With two major sporting venues generating crowds of varying sizes, Nottinghamshire County Council needed a way to dynamically adjust pedestrian green time on a significant crossing outside Trent Bridge cricket ground.

AGD 645 Case Study – Getting it right

West Sussex County Council efficient stop-line detector

AGD 318 Case Study – Safer Rural Rides

Protecting cyclists on Bedfordshire’s country lanes

AGD 318 Case Study – A new approach to cycle detection

Newcastle City Council wanted to improve the efficiency of its signalised junctions by ensuring cyclists are accurately detected and ghost demands minimised.

AGD 318 Case Study – Smooth operator

Refurbishing a busy junction in the centre of Hastings

AGD 645 Case Study – Light-changing experience

Cambridgeshire County Council wanted to improve the safety of its pedestrian crossings in areas of high demand and help ease cycle congestion at city centre junctions. Traffic signals consultancy Green Signals set up two…

AGD 318 Case Study – Lighting the way with radar

When DHTS Smart Homes managed services needed a safety solution for the multi-level underground car park at one of its exclusive developments in the heart of London, director Dave Hewett turned to AGD Systems for help.

AGD Case Study – Creative approach to partnership working in Brazil

An innovative partnership for local manufacture has seen AGD Systems break into the ITS market in Brazil. In 2014 AGD Systems identified an exciting opportunity to introduce its enforcement…

AGD 318 Case Study – Overhead solution delivers bus priority in Cardiff

Cardiff City Council wanted a better way to prioritise buses at a busy exit onto the Penarth Road. AGD’s 318 Traffic Control Radar provided the differentiation that was needed, without costly intrusive works…

AGD 318 Case Study – Better bus priority in Leeds

Leeds City Council needed a way to differentiate between taxis and buses on the busy A65 main arterial route into the city, to ensure bus priority without undue disruption to traffic. AGD’s 318 Traffic Control Radar provided the ideal solution…

AGD 318 Case Study – Above-ground detection – radar delivers MOVA solution

Independent traffic consultant Dan Preece specialises in adaptive control of signal controlled junctions, primarily using MOVA (Microprocessor Optimised Vehicle Actuation) solutions…

AGD 645 Case Study – Solihull Council keeps traffic moving and pedestrians safe with new crossing technology

Solihull Council wanted to improve traffic flow and enhance safety on its pedestrian crossings. A larger pedestrian detection zone would help ensure optimal performance and a live video feed to its UTC centre would help the…

AGD 318 – The future is loop-free

Staffordshire County Council wanted to improve the effectiveness of speed discrimination (SD) loops at a busy junction near a major technology park. The authority chose a non-intrusive solution, using the AGD 318 Traffic Control Radar…



Product Profiles

Our Product Profiles provide an insight into how AGD Systems product solutions are engineered to meet the needs of the world’s modern highways.

AGD 645 Product Profile – Pump up the volume

New pedestrian detector with volumetric capability keeps city traffic moving

AGD 343 Product Profile – The future of highways monitoring

When watching the traffic is a close call