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331 In-Sign Radar

Vehicle Actuated Signs

The 331 ultra-low power true ranging radar is specifically designed to mount internally in Vehicle Actuated Signs (VAS) as the primary source of detection.

Unlike traditional CW Doppler radars for sign driving applications which have no ranging capability, the new 331 has a full multi-target acquisition platform, accurate target range determination, fast update rate and utilises a cut-down version of AGD’s special enforcement based speed measurement algorithms.

For the VAS system designer this means that the total system power can be better managed and reduced more effectively than using traditional CW Doppler radar by only activating the sign when it is needed.


  • Low Power design 15mA at 12V dc
  • Wide low voltage supply range 5.5 to 15V dc
  • Dynamic frame rate for further reduction in power consumption (patent pending)
  • Speed measurement 4kph – 160kph or 11kph – 160kph dependant upon variant
  • Speed output in KM/Hr or MPH
  • User selectable range up to 180m
  • True ranging capabilities providing accurate count data in single lane environments.
  • Dual independent FET switched outputs
  • RS232 serial communications for configuration and data output
  • Simple set-up option using rotary switches
  • Bi-directional discrimination
  • Easily integrated into vehicle actuated signs
  • Mounting footprint backwardly compatible with AGD330


  • Sign Activation - Speed
  • Sign Activation - Warning