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AGD 645 Case Study – A Clear Superior Detection Combination

Australia is leading the shift away from the car being king, thanks to a push to explore alternative and new technologies available under the umbrella of Intelligent Transport Systems.

Getting more pedestrians across the line

With two major sporting venues generating crowds of varying sizes, Nottinghamshire County Council needed a way to dynamically adjust pedestrian green time on a significant crossing outside Trent Bridge cricket ground.

Getting it right

West Sussex County Council efficient stop-line detector

A new approach to cycle detection

Newcastle City Council wanted to improve the efficiency of its signalised junctions by ensuring cyclists are accurately detected and ghost demands minimised.

Light-changing experience

Cambridgeshire County Council wanted to improve the safety of its pedestrian crossings in areas of high demand and help ease cycle congestion at city centre junctions. Traffic signals consultancy Green Signals set up two…

Application Study – AGD 645 Pedestrian Detector Enhanced Detection with larger pedestrian wait areas

As ‘smart’ cities work to manage congestion and necessarily become less vehicle friendly, the need to move more pedestrians safely across higher traffic densities with even more efficiency has grown. As volumes have expanded…

Solihull Council keeps traffic moving and pedestrians safe with new crossing technology

Solihull Council wanted to improve traffic flow and enhance safety on its pedestrian crossings. A larger pedestrian detection zone would help ensure optimal performance and a live video feed to its UTC centre would help the…