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335 Sign-Activation Radar

Vehicle Actuated Signs

The 335 is a compact FMCW low power digital radar which operates in the K-Band 24GHz. The radar processing consumes approximately 120mW whilst maintaining the detection range of 140m and update rate of 20Hz. The power can be reduced further by setting the event update rate accordingly between 12-28Hz. Configuration of operational parameters is via an RS232 serial interface. Detect output options include opto-isolator and RS232 serial communications.


  • Vehicle Presence detection up to 140m
  • User configurable Low Speed Thresholds between 10-160Kph
  • Speeds reported in real-time for Vehicle Actuated Sign display
  • Vehicle count functionality available
  • Typical current draw less than 20mA at 6Vdc
  • Suitable for Battery Power & Solar-Powered Installations
  • Advanced parameters for power optimisation
  • Optional download accessory (MI-102 speedometer application)
  • Patent GB2472559 applies


  • Low Power Applications
  • Vehicle Actuated Sign Driver
  • Vehicle Count