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307 Traffic Control Radar

Multiple ITS applications

The 307 is a compact Doppler vehicle radar which operates in the K-Band at 24GHz. It is designed to be robust, cost effective and highly versatile offering outstanding detection performance for multiple Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) management applications. Configuration of the unit is via a set of user selectable switches or RS422. Detect state is returned via a switched relay or opto isolator output. RS422 versions provide a serial interface for parameter setup and for vehicle speed outputs.


  • Vehicle presence detection up to 150m
  • Advance or bi-directional detection
  • User configurable low speed threshold between 4 -120kph
  • Speeds reported in real-time for vehicle actuated sign display (RS422 versions)
  • Typical current of 43mA at 24Vdc
  • Suitable for battery power and solar-powered installations at 12Vdc


  • Intersection control
  • Vehicle Actuated Sign driver
  • Dynamic street lighting control