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941 Demand Unit

The 941 is intended to replace the “WAIT” type pedestrian demand unit for use in Puffin and Toucan applications. Featuring modern styling and offering rotational adjustment on the pole the 941 would generally be used with the latest generation of Puffin and Toucan nearside signals. The 941 also has uses as a stand-alone unit where no nearside signal is installed or required.

  • Modern style with patented rotational adjustment features
  • Unrivalled optical performance
  • Patented Narrow Field of View options via internal louvres


  • Fully ELV compatible
  • Compact solution
  • Elexon codes available – visit or AGD website
  • High signal uniformity and high phantom performance
  • Wrap around shape that hugs the mounting pole
  • Illuminated vandal resist push button
  • Ease of installation and maintenance
  • Proven reliability
  • Patent GB2417817 applies

The full suite comprises Puffin, Toucan and Pegasus combined signals. Puffin and Toucan variants are also available as two part solutions with a separate push-button unit. These compact two part signals can be deployed as high level repeaters on busy crossing sites.