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226 Pedestrian Radar

Detection of moving pedestrians

This product has been designed for the detection and monitoring of pedestrians and cyclists crossing the road at signalled installations and other applications where the detection of moving pedestrians is required. Deployment of this 10.5GHz Doppler radar technology allows optimisation of the timing of the pedestrian crossing phase minimising delays to vehicle traffic.

  • Pedestrian on-crossing detection
  • Technically advanced detection platform
  • Modern, compact standalone detector
  • Custom designed planar antenna


  • Bi-directional detection of moving pedestrians and cyclists on the crossing area
  • Lightweight, compact units for ease of deployment
  • User adjustable range of 8m or 16m on crossing and up to 6m wide via switches
  • Low speed threshold of 1.8kph
  • LED detect indication to front/rear
  • Power supply options of 24Vac/dc, 42Vac or 230Vac


  • Pedestrian On-Crossing Detection
  • Cyclist /Pedestrian On-Crossing Detection