AGD Systems strengthens commercial team with new appointment

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A leading ITS manufacturer, AGD Systems, has strengthened its commercial team with the appointment of Kieran Corbally as Senior Commercial Manager.

Kieran Corbally brings more than 20 years of sales experience and completed the International Leadership Development Academy run by Swarco UK & Ireland Ltd as part of his previous role.

Kieran – who enjoys Formula 1 and plays golf in his spare time –  said: “My personal goal is to ensure every client is treated the same way and afforded the same effort. I believe in always going the extra mile for a client to ensure they achieve the best solution available.”

During his time in the ITS sector has seen a growing emphasis on cleaner cities and the rise of AI technology to help enhance data streams.

He believes the innovations AGD have brought to the market, including the AI-powered AGD650 will be instrumental in guiding the way.

Alongside this future-focused way of thinking, AGD’s reputation was a driving factor in joining the team for Kieran: “Everyone in the industry has got the highest level of respect for AGD and the innovative solutions they provide.”

”Our goals and ambitions for the future are very much aligned and I look forward to contributing to the future success of the business.”

Initially, Kieran will be focused on getting to know his colleagues, the client base and familiarising himself with The Traffic Group and its companies.

“To me it is very important to understand what the market is looking for both now and in the future. I am very keen to listen to and collaborate with clients old and new and help shape a future driven by the ever-changing demands of the industry. AGD have the people and the talent to help develop products for the future but we need the in-depth knowledge of the wider industry to help with these conversations.”

AGD’s Commercial Director Ian Hind believes Kieran will be a great asset when it comes to the continued development and growth of the team, adding: “Kieran’s extensive sales background, in particular his knowledge of the ITS sector, is certain to prove invaluable as we continue to strengthen our relationships with local authorities and transport decision makers not only in the UK, but also around the globe.”

“We’re excited to welcome Kieran to the team, and we look forward to introducing him to our UK and International partners.”