Earth Day’s a chance to reflect on AGD’s environmental journey

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Every year, Earth Day is marked across the world in a bid to highlight use of the globe’s natural resources and the steps we can all take in preserving the environment.

As well as attending or hosting events on the day itself (April 22nd), the awareness day encourages us all to think every single day about the impact that we’re having on the globe.

It’s a topic which is incredibly important to us as a company – and across the wider Traffic Group – and we’ve taken numerous environmental strides over the years.

Commercial Director Ian Hind explains: “At AGD, we not only want to mitigate and eradicate any negative impacts we could have as a company upon the environment; we’re also committed to exploring the ways we can go further than this, and ensure we positively affect our local environment and the wider world.

“We’re proud of the efforts we have already made but we’re not going to stop there – environmentalism is a journey and it’s one that we will continue to take, searching for new and innovative processes and procedures which will benefit the globe.

“As well as reviewing the ways in which we undertake our work here at AGD, we also see a crucial link between our environmental policies and our products themselves.

“By reducing the likelihood of traffic build-up, and by encouraging sustainable travel – such as walking and cycling – by ensuring junctions and crossings are safer to use, we can play our part in reducing the emissions associated with transportation – all the while encouraging local authorities and traffic planners to do the same.

To mark 2023’s Earth Day, we wanted to share five key milestones in our environmental journey: