Pedestrian signal solution to go on display at Saudi Expo

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One of AGD System’s leading pedestrian signal solutions will be on display at an international event later this month.

Saudi Controls, who have recently acquired more than 100 of our AGD946 Puffin products complete with tactile and sounders, will be displaying them for attendees at the Saudi Intermobility Expo 2022 from November 29th to December 1st.

Used across the world to improve safety and efficiency at crossings, the pedestrian nearside signal is a high-performance solution which combines a pedestrian nearside signal and demand unit. Interest also extends to the AGD947 Toucan signal for cyclists and pedestrians within active travel schemes.

The 946 includes a two-legend signal (red waiting man and green walking man) and a call accepted indicator, with an illuminated push button. Plus, the 946 is available in multi-language variants so it can be used by city authorities across the world.

Its unrivalled optical performance, with patented narrow field of view options, make it a top choice for those responsible for urban planning and the safety of vulnerable road users such as pedestrians.

AGD’s Commercial Director Ian Hind explains: “The AGD946 has many benefits, but three which are most highly rated in this region are proven reliability, compatibility with local controllers, and ease of installation and maintenance.

“We’re thrilled that visitors to the Saudi Intermobility Expo will be able to see the 946 up close, and we’d be delighted to hear from anyone who’d like to find out more – either about the 946 or about any of the other solutions we’ve brought to the pedestrian signal and detection market.”

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