Are Pedestrians the New Kings of the Road?

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The car has always been king of the road, with pedestrians and cyclists historically forced to take a rather subservient role.  But, it was during the recent (and ongoing) pandemic that we saw the tables flip – with traffic movements significantly reduced, those on bike and foot had much more freedom of the road.  Resulting in much improved pedestrian and cyclist safety, and growing recognition that perhaps the car’s crown has well and truly slipped.

With high numbers of pedestrian-related road incidents affecting almost every country around the world, authorities have naturally sought better ways to protect individuals.  In California for example, where at least two pedestrians or cyclists lose their lives every day, its Department for Transport has introduced a number of safety measures including the installation of nearly 3,000 new crossings and extended pedestrian crossing times.  And in London, TfL has since 2020 been trialling the ‘green man authority’ which has switched priority on the roads from vehicles to pedestrians.

Despite pedestrian safety being a core priority across the globe, it’s evident however that a ‘one size fits all’ approach simply isn’t fit for purpose.  We’ve put together an overview guide looking at why there can’t be a universal solution, what authorities should be considering, and how technology is playing – and will continue to play – a key role in pedestrian safety on an international scale.

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