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Introducing the enhanced 24m AGD 326, the on-crossing pedestrian detector from AGD Systems


The latest update provides greater range and more precise coverage of the crossing, increasing support for wider crossings and improved pedestrian detection.

Building on the performance of the original 326, AGD Systems have developed an enhancement that eliminates detection black spots using a unique kite shaped detection zone. Furthermore, the radar range has been increased from 16 to 24 metres, making it suitable for use on wider crossings.

“AGD Systems is committed to continually improving our products to provide safer, greener and more efficient solutions for our customers and road users. The enhancement to the 326 radar will supersede the current model and lead to more accurate detection on crossings, increasing safety and expanding its applications in international markets.”

Installers will benefit from the new wi-fi AGD Touch Set-up user interface, which has been simplified to be more intuitive and can be easily accessed using a mobile device or tablet. The pedestrian crossing visualisation ensures correct set-up according to the road layout, which can be verified using the Walk Test method.

“Combined with the new interface, the Walk Test method is a quick and effective way to set-up and test the 326 radar. Installers will benefit from a new level of detection accuracy, which will enable the precise mapping of the detection zone to the crossing.”

The AGD 326 pedestrian on-crossing detector will be available internationally from 1st of September. AGD Systems are supporting the release with a new product manual and video guides, which can be accessed via their website and by scanning a QR code contained within the product packaging.

For more information, please contact [email protected] or visit www.agd-systems.com