AGD high-tech radars help improve urban journey times in new trial

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AGD Systems’ technology is powering the smart portable traffic lights in a new trial by UK Power Networks and Kent County Council that could see a 24% increase traffic flow through roadworks compared to traditional portable traffic lights, together with lower costs and improvements to air quality and safety.

The RadioConnect2 (RC2) traffic management system by Traffic Group Signals company Hollco uses AutoGreen radar technology, inspired by AGD’s smart motorway radar expertise, to automatically adjust portable signals to suit the volume of traffic travelling in each direction, minimising wait times for drivers.

AutoGreen accurately tracks vehicle movements and uses this information to optimise the operation of the lights, varying the decision-making algorithms and timings.

UK Power Networks, the country’s biggest electricity distributor, trialled the system recently on roadworks in Maidstone, Kent, as part of a project to upgrade an electrical junction box.  Kent County Council helped deliver the trial via its Lane Rental Innovation Fund.  Highway policy and inspections manager at Kent County Council, David Latham, said: “These lights never get tired or stop monitoring and optimising themselves to maximise traffic flow, ensuring that any disruption is kept to a minimum.  This technology is better for drivers and site operatives.”

Trials of the RC2 smart traffic light system have already taken place in Essex, Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire.  UK Power Networks said the findings from the Kent trial are currently being

considered and, if successful, smart TGS systems using AGD radars could in future be deployed across the county and the other areas the firm services.