AGD hits the airwaves at JCT Symposium

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AGD hits the airwaves at JCT Symposium

AGD Systems attended the JCT Traffic Signals Symposium at Warwick University in September 2015 and showcased their Cycling Strategic Detection solutions and Medium Range Wireless communications solution.

n a radio interview with Smart Highways recorded at the JCT Traffic Signals Symposium, AGD says it’s now using its advanced radar detection platforms that give positional information to give the extra element for safety, and because they can differentiate between different types of road user.

“The main reason for strategies is to enable the cyclists to be safe. They are a vulnerable road user and it is very important to be able to determine exactly where they are in the road environment and the traffic management can be adjusted to provide the maximum safety for them.”

The delegates, to the Symposium, enjoyed excellent papers delivered by leading professionals in the industry and lively discussions took place on the relative merits of different solutions to well-known and developing challenges.

AGD enjoyed meeting a broad cross section of colleagues from Local Authorities, System Integrators and Design Consultants and further information on the papers given can be found at: JCT Traffic Signals Symposium2015