AGD partners with Traffic Tech Group to install pedestrian detection in Middle East

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AGD partners with Traffic Tech Group to install pedestrian detection in Middle East

AGD has a strategic new partnership with Qatar-based Traffic Tech Group to introduce its award-winning pedestrian detection solutions in the Middle East.

Traffic Tech Group will be AGD’s exclusive distributor for Puffin and Toucan pedestrian crossings in the region, proven to increase pedestrian and cyclist safety and improve traffic flows.

AGD’s pedestrian detection solutions have been deployed worldwide since the early 2000s. They have been widely accredited with improving pedestrian safety and increasing convenience for disabled and older people and those with young children, as the system adjusts to different walking speeds.

On-street trials of AGD-enabled Puffin and Toucan schemes commenced in November 2014 at a dual pedestrian crossing on the busy Al-Jazeera Al-Arabiya Road in Doha, Qatar. Local feedback has been extremely positive and the AGD Puffin and Toucan schemes have now received approval from the Qatar Authority.

The Puffin crossings use a combination of nearside signals and pedestrian ‘push button’ demand units with AGD 640 pedestrian detectors to automatically vary the length of the pedestrian period. This gives pedestrians the time they need to cross the road and if the pedestrian leaves the wait area, the demand is cancelled, freeing up the traffic.

AGD’s 226 radar continuously monitors the pedestrians when they are on the crossing, only allowing vehicle traffic signals to turn back to green once the crossing is completely clear. The fact that the system is detector-based ensures that waiting time for traffic is minimised while maintaining safety for vulnerable road users. This is in comparison to the traditional time-based systems which are still in use throughout the region.

Faris Bakir, Head of Traffic Signal Projects at Traffic Tech, said: “On-street trials of AGD’s Puffin and Toucan schemes went very well and we are delighted they have now received approval by the authorities. This will open the door for using AGD’s solutions for existing and new projects in Qatar and subsequently, the wider Gulf region.

“This global strategic partnership is very important to us. With AGD’s renowned industry reputation and Traffic Tech’s position as the region’s leading ITS and traffic control provider, we will be a force to be reckoned with in the pedestrian detection arena. We look forward to rolling out the schemes to ensure as many road users as possible benefit.”