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336 Queue & Flow Radar

Low power queue detection & flow monitoring with GPRS connectivity

The 336 is a compact FMCW low power digital radar which operates in the K-Band 24GHz.The radar processing consumes approximately 150mW whilst maintaining an active GPRS connection and radar update rate of 16Hz.The power can be reduced further by increasing the period between GPRS events. Configuration of operational parameters is via an GPRS Modem. Detect output is via a XML packet structure over GPRS Modem.


  • XML packet over GPRS with error detection
  • User adjustable parameters for optimum detection via GPRS connection
  • Typical current draw less than 25mA at 6Vdc and 15mA at 12Vdc
  • Suitable for Battery Power & Solar-Powered Installations
  • Advanced parameters for power optimisation
  • Range sensitivity adjustment
  • Remote firmware updates with Password protected interface
  • Patent 2425010 and 2472559 apply


  • Low Power Applications
  • Vehicle Queue Detection
  • Flow Monitoring
  • Dynamic street lighting control