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202 Temporary Traffic Radar

The AGD202 is withdrawn from sale May 2018 due to product obsolescence. Please contact AGD for alternative product solutions for your temporary traffic control needs.

Single or dual lane

This product has been designed for the detection and monitoring of vehicles on the approaches to temporary signalled installations. The 202 Doppler radar operates in the 10.5GHz band. The detector can be used for the call and/or extension of a signal phase on a one or two lane approach to the temporary signal.

  • Vehicle radar detection for temporary traffic control
  • Technically advanced detection platform
  • Modern, compact stand-alone detector
  • Custom designed planar antenna


  • Detects approaching vehicles up to 60m
  • Can discriminate between approaching and receding vehicles
  • Compact and robust aluminium housing with three stud M6 fixing (alternatives available)
  • Low speed threshold of 4 kph
  • LED detect indication to front and rear (user selectable)
  • Power supply options of 12Vdc, 24Vac/dc or 110Vac
  • Nudge feature of 150secs (user selectable)
  • Channel frequency selection via switches


  • Temp-traffic control